2018ongoing – AGENCIA MinCyT PICT 2018 1848 “Origen, Extinción y Patrones de Diversificación de los Meiolaniformes y Pan-Quélidos (Testudinata) durante el intervalo Cretácico-Paleógeno en el sur de Sudamérica”. [Member of the Research Group]

20172019 – AGENCIA MinCyT PICT 2016 B 2334 “Análisis Filogenético de las tortugas terrestres (Testudines: Testudinidae) y la Historia Evolutiva de los testudínidos de Sudamérica”. [Lead Researcher]

2017ongoing – Editing of the volume “The Fossil Vertebrates of Greece”, to be published by Springer Nature in 2019. This is a volume that summarizes the entire fossil record of Greek vertebrates.

2016 – ongoing – Contributor to the PaleoBiology DataBase, focusing on the records of Testudinata (turtles).

20162018 – National Geographic Society / Waitt Grant W435-16 | "The Gulf of Titanic Turtles: excavation and preservation of new fossil tortoises from the Neogene of Northern Greece."

20142015 – IKY-DAAD, “Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history of the European Giant tortoises” in cooperation with the University of Tübingen, Germany.