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I did my undergraduate studies in Biology at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, with a major in Paleontology. In 1999 I started grad school at the joint program of the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University (Nueva York, USA), where I got my Ph.D. In 2005 I did a postdoc at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (Ohio State University) on method for phylogenetic reconstruction for the study of evolutionary relationships of organisms. Since 2006 I am a researcher of CONICET at the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio.

The main focus of my research is centered on understanding the evolution of archosaur reptiles (dinosaurs, crocodiles) using a phylogenetic approach. In the last few years I have focused my work on the dinosaurs and crocodiles that lived in Patagonia in the Mesozoic. Most of these studies are being conducted on new specimens that were recently found during the field expeditions we organize in collaboration with other colleagues of the MEF and other institutions. The study of new species of reptiles, and their interpretation from an evolutionary perspective is the main component of my recent publications.

My interest for these issues is to understand the origin and evolution of the amazing diversity of reptiles that lived in Patagonia (and other regions of the world) during the Mesozoic, between 230 million years ago and the massive extinction at the end of the Cretaceous (65 million years ago). In this period reptiles were the most abundant vertebrates of terrestrial ecosystems, and they diversified and evolved in multiple lineages that we can discover today studying the fossil record.