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Postdoctoral Scholar

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I have completed my primary studies on the School of Geology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and soon I continued in the Master’s program on Tectonics & Stratigraphy. My primary focus is the study of fossil turtles, and my main field of research deals with the anatomy and evolution of terrestrial tortoises (Testudinidae). Testudinids form a clade with an almost worldwide distribution and an excellent, but not analyzed in detail fossil record. In my doctoral thesis I studied and described the entire fossil chelonian fauna of Greece, that is the most diverse and best preserved in the east Mediterranean. My research is expanded on the evolution of the large testudinid record of Europe.

This work has led me to pursue further research in Patagonia as a postdoctoral fellow in CONICET.

During my postdoctoral research in MEF, I am focusing on the origin and evolution of the extant and extinct testudinids of South America (clade Chelonoidis). These amazing turtles show an excellent fossil record, which I currently revise, and compare with similar forms in a global scale. My main question lies on the origin of these tortoises: did they came from North America as morphological analyses suggest or they dispersed from Africa as molecular works show? Answering this intriguing question will provide a better understanding of the evolution of the South American biota.

CV (March 2018)

2017ongoing – AGENCIA MinCyT PICT B 2334 “Análisis Filogenético de las tortugas terrestres (Testudines: Testudinidae) y la Historia Evolutiva de los testudínidos de Sudamérica”.

2017ongoing – Editing of the volume “The Fossil Vertebrates of Greece”, to be published by Springer Nature in 2019. This is a volume that summarizes the entire fossil record of Greek vertebrates.

2016 – ongoing – Contributor to the PaleoBiology DataBase, focusing on the records of Testudinata (turtles).

20162018 – National Geographic Society / Waitt Grant W435-16 | "The Gulf of Titanic Turtles: excavation and preservation of new fossil tortoises from the Neogene of Northern Greece."

20142015 – IKY-DAAD, “Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history of the European Giant tortoises” in cooperation with the University of Tübingen, Germany.

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Scientific Graphic Design has always been a passion for me. The ability to transform scientific information into a design that will inform but will also capture the interest of professionals and non-professionals is a challenge for me. What started as a hobby, has now become an obsession. Throughout my career, I have received professional training in graphic design. I was able to apply this knowledge and my ideas in several cases, including paleontological exhibitions, books, posters, and figures in scientific publications. A selection of my favorite designs is given below.

Paleontological Exhibitions


2018 | New Paleontological Exhibition of Milia, Grevena, Greece, with the longest tusks in the world!